Maldives Vacation


Yep, it happens every year. Summer arrives and those lazy childhood days come back to your mind. It can be a challenge to keep your brain from going on a mental vacation this time of year. After all it deserves it, right? It has been working hard since the beginning of the year. But before your brain actually closes shop for that two-week vacation, let’s make sure it truly has been productive since the beginning of the year.

Take time for a mental check-in with these questions:

For your brain to do its best work toward accomplishing your goals, you need to slow down and check-in. Take time to go over what needs to be done and give your brain a chance to fully process the information. This will help you move forward with much more clarity and focus. Here are a few suggested mental check-in tasks:

Once you have created your short term goals, you need to determine who is going to help you achieve these goals. Not just you and you alone? If you’re just starting out, tap into those that have achieved their goals and reach out to talk to them on how they accomplished it. Don’t be shy – they also started somewhere and most people are happy to help you.

When you are creative in building upon an idea and you are anxious to get that idea in motion, just remember you have to have goals – short and long term goals to make that idea come to life.

Do you struggle with putting your idea on paper, or maybe have trouble figuring out your goals and how to bring them to life? Let me know – I am very good at taking an idea and bringing it to life, in an organized fashion.

Then once you have your ducks in a row, take that brain on vacation – it will do it good. Rejuvenate the mind, and you will be better able to come up with new ideas and solutions to problems in the future.

So take care of your brain, pamper it, treat it with respect and in return it will do the very same for you.

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