Candle Image Kim Hughes CoachingCreating a vision for your life starts with taking a look at yourself and really understanding who you are and what you truly want out of life to feel complete.

Meaning you dive deep into your soul and think about what your love is, your interests, what makes you happy, how does your future look for YOU.  We all have a purpose, and once you realize what your purpose is, through my mastermind group, then you can take action on how to act on it.

My mastermind group offers you a setting where you are among like-minded women who have a strong desire to either act on or figure out their purpose in life.  Together we challenge each other to dive deep into our souls to make sure what you’re looking for is for YOU and not everyone else.

I genuinely believe to be the best for your family, friends, and co-workers, you must know and understand your purpose in life.  Finding your purpose creates balance, makes you a more productive and happier person.

Mastermind group is where we can share what we are passionate about and then align it with our core values without judgment!

Because of this personal foundation, you can feel safe and create a solid vision with like-minded women who inspires you every single day.

My mastermind group is based on action.  You will need to commit to being involved in the assignments, the workshops, and the training, so if you are ready to get started on discovering your purpose join us today! It is exciting, fun, and a place you will look forward to hanging out.

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