Ruth Anne ~ New York

I contacted Kim in December 2013, for advice on starting a career in Real Estate. Immediately we began drafting ideas and milestones to begin launching a website and daily task schedule, which include prospecting, lead generation and marketing. In three months, we successfully launched an amazing website which includes, three IDX feeds, buyer and seller resources, community pages, market stats, and an aggressive social media presence on multiple platforms. Kim’s marketing ideas, daily feedback and work ethic have helped me understand the amazing world of real estate and how best to approach various scenarios. I would seek out coaching and business strategy from her Kim and her entire staff on all aspects of real estate.



I have had the pleasure of working with Kim. I relied on Kim’s guidance to get me where I am today. I have learned a great deal from observing her ability to expand on an idea and make it come to life, as well as her attention to detail, and focus. Kim is proud to be able to offer her clients this level of great customer service and dedication, and that is one of many things about working with her that I admire and appreciate. I can say that I really enjoy what I do, and without a leader like Kim, that would not be possible.





Kim is a phenomenal business coach. She is knowledgeable, caring, and she thinks outside the box. My business partner and I started a transaction coordination business for real estate agents over a year ago. I am an experienced real estate broker, but starting this business was an entirely new challenge. We needed guidance on how to market the business as well as the day to day activities. We researched multiple companies and Kim stood out above the rest. Kim so graciously took us under her wings and systematically helped us take our business to the next level. Without a doubt, Transaction Genie, LLC would not be where it is today without our business coach Kim Hughes. It’s a blessing to know her.



After having my second child I decided to take a leap of faith and try to build a business that allowed me to stay home with my children while also being able to provide for them. I was lucky enough to come in contact with Kim. I joined her team in 2005 and have worked side by side with her ever since. Through her I became knowledgeable about the REVA industry as a whole and learned how to provide clients with service that is second to none. Kim’s dedication stretches beyond clients. She is genuinely invested in the future of other Real Estate Virtual Assistants, providing guidance on all fronts to grow their business.



Renee ~ Colorado

After our first conversation, I was so impressed with you and your interviewing of me that I knew if I did not get started right away I was sure to miss out. The way you were able to focus my scatterbrain and create a plan made me feel assured that I was in good hands. You took the bull by the horns and really went to work. You knew exactly what areas of my business needed tending to and how to tailor them to my market and my type of clients. I am certain that had I not met you I would still be dreaming of what my business should look like. Kim, you really took me to the next level and I am grateful to you.


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